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Kostis Fokas, born in Athens, Greece, is a conceptual photographer whose artistic practice revolves around the exploration of the human body as a site of social and political enquiry. By drawing on discourses around the construction of the self, body, queer, and posthumanist theories, the performative structures of his work look into the relationship between identity and physicality whilst approaching a sculptural language to forge a new visual vocabulary.

Unlike sentimental depictions or explicit narratives where sexuality and desire have been co-opted to fit in the broad swath of social and public life, Fokas' approach to the body is rather detached. Like a Cartesian mechanical eye, Fokas observes from the position of the spectator, scrutinizing himself and his subjects with a tantalizing pleasure. Bodies and fragmentary body parts set in bizarre and vulnerable positions are juxtaposed with wild landscapes and the striking beauty of the Greek summer.

Fokas boldly strips his model-friends down in front of the lens; yet, their poses are far from sexualized. A physical and spatial tension unfolds, as playful and surreal corporeal formations engage in a choreographic interplay of attraction, seduction, detachment, and resistance. Flirting with autonomy and vulnerability, his subjects are often witnessed as being in distress. Their desire to seduce and to connect is nothing but profound. Undoubtedly, in Fokas' visual topography the human body fights, rebels and resists, infinitely.

Fokas works have been exhibited in the USA and Europe, including, The Louvre Museum (Paris), Colette (Paris), Art Basel Miami (USA), The Benaki Museum in Athens and the Museum of Modern Art in Thessaloniki and Crete among others. Fokas has collaborated with and published his work in Die ZEIT Magazine, Le Monde, Les Inrockuptibles, L'obs, i-D magazine, Dazed and Confused, Neon Magazine (France), L'officiel (Italy), The advocate, Gay times, Gayletter, and many more international publications, websites and art books.

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solo shows


Schlomer Haus Gallery
San Francisco ( USA)


"Boys With Feelings", 48x27, Athens (Greece)

"Skin Fits Heaven", The eye Altering Gallery, Thessaloniki  (Greece)

"Introvert / Extrovert", Void Gallery, Athens  Greece)


"Un jour a la plage", Crete (Greece)


"Relationshits",  Atopos, Athens (Greece)


"I'm not malfunctioning, you are", Dalston Superstore, London (UK)

group shows


“Pink Matter Exhibition”
YSL Saint Laurent Rive Droite Stores Paris / Los Angeles 

“Abstract Human Bodies”
The Museum Of Avant Garde 


"Gay Love In Pictures", EIGHT Gallery, Athens (Greece)

“Born With a "Leg Up", Back to Athens 8 International Arts Festival, Athens (Greece)

"Stories in red" "HIV then and now / I'm Positive",Technopolis, Athens (Greece)


"How deep is your Love", Nue Gallery, Paris (France)

"Eros and Photography, Behind Desire - Part 1" ,  Chaussee 36 ,Gallery, Berlin (Germany)

"Immaterial Becoming", Online Exhibition, Berlin (Germany)

"My Gay Eye / Body Issues", Eisenherz Bookstore  Gallery, Berlin (Germany)


"Erotikon", Stegi Gramaton k Texnon, Athens (Greece)

"Athens Photo Festival ", Benaki Museum,  Athens (Greece)

"Fake Friends",  Fake Office, Athens (Greece)


"Ambiguous Bodies Exhibition",  State Museum of Contemporary Art , Thessaloniki (Greece)

"Athens Photo Festival", Benaki Museum, Athens (Greece)

"Fotofever Festival" , Louvre  Museum, Paris (France)


"Pink Exhibition", Colette Gallery, Paris (France)

"Eros/Thanatos", NEON,  Athens (Greece)

"Container Love",  Reeperbahn Festival,  Hamburg (Germany)


"Container Love", Ms Dockville Art Festival, Hamburg (Germany)

"The body and other small tales", Museum of  contemporary art of Crete, Crete (Greece)

"Ordinary", Doomed Gallery, London (UK)


"Art Basel", Apt 606, Florida (USA)

"L'artfair", Impact Hub, Geneva (Switzerland)

"Pink Pistols", Doomed Gallery, London (UK)

"Identalterity", 5th  Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki (Greece)


"Eudaimonia", Bord de l'eau Gallery, Thessaloniki (Greece)

"Post Physical", SooLocal, Minneapolis (USA)



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New Queer Photography Book  (Germany)

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